1 Minute Daily Devotion: God’s Greatest Gift You Can Give This Christmas

Bible Scripture Saves - 1 Minute Daily Devotion: Psalm 126:3

God’s Greatest Gift You Can Give Someone This Christmas:

Christmas shopping is in full swing.

You are searching the internet and ads for the best gifts you can give.

Sneaking the gifts past your children and hiding them so no one can find them.

You are wrapping the gifts in beautiful bright wrapping paper for it to be torn to shreds Christmas morning.

You can’t wait for your family to open all the gifts you bought and see their faces fill with joy.

But don’t forget the best gift you can give someone…

Sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

The BEST Gift!

God gave you the best gift you can receive.

He gave his son to save you from your sins and eternal death!

This Christmas, share God’s gift to you, with your family.

It may not be the “coolest” gift to society, but it’s truly the best gift you can give anyone!

It costs nothing but it’s value is priceless!

Your family will thank you for sharing The best gift they will receive this Christmas!

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