Is Your Mood Reflecting Your Love For Jesus This Christmas?

Is Your Mood Reflecting Your Love For Jesus This Christmas?

December 11, 2018

Every interaction you have with someone, you leave them with an impression of who you are.

You may not be aware but every person you drive by, pass in the grocery store, or sit next to at your children’s PTA meeting is left with an impression of you.

Scary right?

Well, it’s only scary if you haven’t been struggling with your mood.

Your mood dictates a lot of things:

  • How you talk
  • How you look at people
  • How you move
  • And so much more

This time of year, it’s easy to become overwhelmed or stressed out by everything that needs to be done.

But remember, someone may be seeing you for the 1st time today.

They may be hurting, stressed or hurt more than you and may not know Jesus.

The tiniest of interactions, it could even be a smile, have the power to peak their interest in your captivating personality.


You’re not only representing yourself but Jesus as well!

Make sure your mood is in accordance to who you represent this Holiday season!

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