You Are Handcrafted To Do His Work!

You are handcrafted and beautifully made in God’s Image

December 12, 2018

I love watching Fixer Upper…

Who doesn’t!?!

But my favorite part is when Joanna, brings Clint Kelly on the show!

He makes some of the most beautifully, handcrafted wood pieces I’ve ever seen.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Each piece of wood is picked and handled with care and with each piece, it becomes a beautiful piece of art.

Whether it’s for a table for family dinners or a captivating centerpiece, each piece serves its purpose…

A beautiful, handcrafted creation designed to serve others, just like YOU!

God has handcrafted you as a beautiful creation to serve others and do good work.

No matter how beat up, worn down, or ugly you feel, God created YOU for a reason!

So as you’re preparing for Christmas, when time seems to be moving too fast, stress is starting to build, and you haven’t showered all day….

Remember, you are here to do good works for God because he handcrafted you specifically for it!

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