Love Your Family This Christmas, The Way God Loves You… UNCONDITIONALLY

Love your family the way god loves you this Christmas

Love you family the way God Loves you this Christmas

You know the famous saying about family…

“You can’t choose your family”.

Although this statement is true, you can also love them with Genuine Affection!

Your mother may be overbearing.

Your father may be to strict.

Your siblings may be to stubborn.

But you are not those things as you are filled with love.

The same love that sent Jesus to die for your sins, is the same love that’s supposed to be shared with others.

This Christmas, don’t let old wounds, fears, or resentments prevent you from loving your family.

Instead, bury the ways you’ve been wronged and hurt and allow your love to shine through this Christmas.

The love you share, is what very may well change the hearts of your family.

Love and honor your family this Christmas.

If Jesus can forgive you, you can forgive your family!

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