Don’t Let Someone Celebrate A Blue Christmas

Save Someone From Having A Blue Christmas This Year

Save Someone From Having A Blue Christmas This Year

Nobody likes to spend Christmas alone.

Most of the famous, Christmas songs are about spending time alone during a time that should be spent with others.

For instance, “Blue Christmas”…

This song shares a story of a man singing about the lonely Christmas he’s going to have because his significant other left him.

Leaving him feeling down, deserted and blue that Christmas.

A song that has become a classic because it resonates with a lot of people.

Unfortunately some people aren’t blessed with a loving family.

They are alone in this cruel world and every Christmas, instead of turning their eyes to the Lord, they focus on having no one to celebrate with.

Whether it’s someone in your own family or an acquaintance, if you know someone is spending Christmas alone, invite them to celebrate the birth of Jesus and brighten up their “Blue Christmas”.

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