Christmas Saves: Christmas Is About Repentance

Celebrating the birth of your eternal life should be celebrated this Christmas

Celebrate your gift of eternal life this Christmas

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World.

He was born to save you from your sinful ways.

How great is the God you serve?

He knew his son was going to be born into such a hateful and sinful world and murdered by the same people he came to save.

He knew that some of Jesus’ closest friends and disciples would turn their back on him.

He knew Jesus would raise from the grave after 3 days.

He knew you would be born and would need Jesus’ love and forgiveness too!

With all the Christmas cookies, lights, music, movies, shopping & dinners, don’t forget Jesus was born to save YOU!

In celebration of the Savior’s birth in less than 10 days, remember you shouldn’t just celebrate his birth, but also his death.

As his purpose was to save your from enteral damnation and give you eternal life.

And that’s something worth celebrating about!

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