Give The Perfect Present This Christmas!

Give The Perfect Gift This Christmas!

Give The Perfect Gift This Christmas!

Every Christmas is spent searching social media and shoppings sites looking for the Perfect Gift.

You spent several hours each week thinking how you can bless someone with a gift that will bring them to tears of joy.

But you won’t find the Perfect Gift at any store, any IG Page, or on Amazon.

I know what you’re thinking…

What can beat an iPad or a Espresso machine?

Here’s a hint…

It’s not a physical item

So where do you find this Perfect Gift?

You can find the Perfect Gift through God!

God gave you the best gift you can ever receive and give to someone, the gift of Jesus’ forgiveness.

No worldly gift will EVER compete with the gift of ETERNAL LIFE!

Share The Perfect Gift by:

– Reading the nativity story on Christmas Eve

– Inviting someone to Christmas Eve service

– Praying with your loved ones on Christmas morning

The Perfect Gift may not be the biggest or most sought after…


As every gift from God is PERFECT!

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