How Far Would You Travel To Worship Jesus?

1 Minute Daily Devotion - Matthew 2:2

1 Minute Daily Devotion - Matthew 2:2

The wise men asked King Herod where Jesus, their savior, was born, so they could find and worship him.

Later in the chapter, after their travels, they finally arrive and upon seeing Jesus, they fall to their knees to worship him.

Now the actual time line of the wisemen travels is unclear.

Some say it would’ve taken them months to travel and some say it would’ve taken 2 years to get to Jesus

But despite the difference, in the timeline of their travels, they traveled a long way to see Jesus.

Would you travel months or even years if you were able to worship Jesus?

Well lucky for you, this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, you don’t have to travel that far…

You can just go to your local, bible-preaching church.

If the wisemen were able to travel many miles on foot and by camel, you can walk, catch a bus, or drive to worship your Lord and Savior at church this Christmas!

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