Without Jesus, There Will Be No “New You” in 2019

New Year, Same You, New Goals

New Year, Same You, New Goals

Each year, millions of people prepare their New Years Resolutions.

They get ready for the clock to struck midnight and bring in the new year that will be the year they become “new”.

Well unfortunately, the year changing doesn’t mean anything.

The majority of those millions of people who have prepared their resolutions to become “someone new”, fall off.

They stop going to the gym, quitting a bad habit, and becoming the “new” person they wanted to become.

If only they knew…

A new year will change NOTHING!

The only thing that can create a “New You” and give you a clean slate is…

Your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

As you fall in repentance to him, he will wash you clean of all your sins.

Wiped clean.

If you’re setting new year resolutions, the ONLY one you should focus on is indulging in God’s word and his glory.

Only then can you become the “New You” you want to become.

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