17 Bible Verses You Can Turn To, When You Feel Like Giving Up On Your New Year Resolutions

2019 is a new year.

That means it’s time to get your resolutions and goals in order.

This year you won’t quit!

Most people fail before January is over.

If you hit a wall and feel like you are going to quit your New Year Resolutions, read these 17 verses.

There is no better support system than God and his word.

1. Isaiah 43:19

Isaiah 43:19


“Behold, I Will Do A New Thing; Now It Shall Spring Forth; Shall Ye Not Know It? I will Even Make A Way In The Wilderness, and Rivers In The Desert.”

Despite your worry about of starting some new, Start It! Whatever you plan on starting, do not be afraid to fail.


2. Ephesians 4:22-23

Ephesians 4:22-23


“You Were Taught, With Regard To Your Former Way of Life, To Put Off Your Old Self, Which Is Being Corrupted By It’s Deceitful Desires, To Be Made New In The Attitude of Your Minds; and To Put On The New Self, Created To Be Like God In True Righteousness and Holiness.”

The past is the past, leave it there. You can not go forward if your constantly looking behind you. Look to the Lord and he will guide you to becoming your best you!

3. Deuteronomy 7:13

Deuteronomy 7:13


“He Will Love You and Bless You and Increase Your Numbers. He Will Bless The Fruit of The Womb, The Crops of Your Land – Your Grain, New Wine and Olive Oil – The Calves of Your Herds and The Lambs of Your Flocks In The Land He Swore To Your Ancestors To Give You.”

Better yourself and believe in the Lord and he will bless you with a life of abundance.

4. Jeremiah 29:11

Jeremiah 29:11


“For I Know The Plans I Have For You Declares The Lord, “Plans To Prosper You and Not Harm You, Plans To Give You Hope and A Future.”

You may not feel like you live a blessed life, but don’t believe it.
God has great plans for you to live in prosperity and to cause you no pain.

You just have to have faith!

5. Proverbs 23:19

Proverbs 23:19


“Listen and Be Wise, and Set Your Heart On The Right Path.”

You may not feel like your life is on the right path. That’s because you’re not listening to God.

Listen and learn from God and his words will be the light to guide you.

6. Romans 5:5

Romans 5:5


“And Hope Does Not Put Us To Shame, Because God’s Love Has Been Poured Out Into Our Hearts Through The Holy Spirit, Who Has Been Given To Us.”

2019 is a New Year…

Don’t be ashamed of what happened last year or the lack of results your getting currently.

Hope and believe in Jesus and feel the love that God has given you!

7. Revelation 21:5

Revelation 21:5


“He Who Was Seated On The Throne Said, “I Am Making Everything New!” The He  Said “Write This Down For These Words Are Trustworthy and True.”

When you trust Jesus to be your Lord and Savior, he makes you new!

Washes you clean as snow, without blemishes.

To have a great year, trust in Jesus, study his word and pray daily…

Writing down a prayer and bible schedule each day will help you stay on track.

8. Proverbs 16:9

Proverbs 16:9


“The Heart of Man Plans His Way, But The Lord Establishes His Steps.”

You may have your heart set on achieving a personal goal in 2019, but is it what God wants?

Listen to your heart as it gives you the path to your goals, but listen to God to guide your feet on the path and you will achieve your goals!

9. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Ecclesiastes 3:1


“There Is A Time For Everything, and A Season For Every Activity Under The Heavens.”

Your time is coming!

Don’t give into the instant gratification culture!

Your time will come as God says so.

10. Psalm 90:12

Psalm 90:12


“Teach Us To Number Our Days That We May Gain A Heart of Wisdom.”

God says that you should plan your days…

So why aren’t you?

Grab your planner and plan the next day’s goals and your New Year’s Resolutions.

This will serve as a reminder to yourself of what you are going to achieve that day!

11. Psalm 20:4

Psalm 20:4


“May He Give You The Desire of Your Heart and Make All Your Plans Succeed.”

God wants you to believe in him.

He wants to give you what your heart desires and wants your plans to succeed!

You must believe in him first.

12. Hebrews 13:6

Hebrews 13:6


“The Lord Is My Helper; I Will Not Be Afraid, What Can Mere Mortals Do To Me?”

When you run into a roadblock to achieving your New Year’s Resolutions, don’t quit.

You just need help!

Good thing you have your God to help you and aid you in your goal to a new and better you in 2019.

13. Exodus 12:2

Exodus 12:2


“This Month Shall Be For You The Beginning of Months. It Shall Be The First Month of The Year For You.”

When it strikes midnight and 2019 begins, so does your journey to becoming a better you!

14. 2 Corinthians 5:17

2 Corinthians 5:17


“Therefore If Anyone Is In Christ, The New Creation Has Come, The Old Has Gone, The New Is HERE!”

The first step to becoming a better you in2019 is to trust the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and repent your sins.

As when you do this, you become new!

That’s the best way you can start 2019!

15. Romans 8:18

Romans 8:18


“I Consider That Our Present Sufferings Are Not Worth Comparing With The Glory That Will Be Revealed In Us.”

Yes you will suffer on the path to achieve your goals, its the truth…

But what stops people from reaching their goals, in time of struggle, is they don’t have a vision of the end result and the process is eating them alive.


You have God to get you through the tough times as his glory is far greater than today’s struggle.

16. Psalm 65:11

Psalm 65:11


“You Crown The Year With Goodness, and Your Paths Drip With Abundance.”

In order for 2019 to be a great year, you must first believe it will be.

You must believe that you will achieve your goals and then you will see the abundance flow through your life.

17. 1 Chronicles 16:8

1 Chronicles 16:8


“Give Praise To The Lord, Proclaim His Name; Make Known Among The Nations What He Has Done.”

God is GREAT!

He can move mountains, turn bread into wine, and split oceans.

He can also lead you to a wonderful life of success and prosperity.

If you believe, he will make it your reality.

For this, praise his name, everyday in 2019!

Scripture Saves hopes these verses will serve you as strength and hope on your journey to becoming a better you in 2019!

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