Your Plan For Your New Years Resolutions Is Incomplete Without God

Proverbs 16:9

Is one of your New Year Resolutions to lose weight?

If so what are you going to do to achieve your wait loss?

You probably signed up for a gym, bought organic food and bought new workout clothes and matching shoes.

So now you’re already to finally lose that stubborn fat.

But you’re missing a key component to your plan…

Your workout plan!

What exercises will you do during your workouts?

Will you be able to perform the exercises correctly?

After a few weeks, you realize you don’t know what to do.

So you do the next best things and hire a personal trainer.

A personal trainer is a fitness professional that will give you step by step instructions and oversees your workout.

8 months later…

You’ve finally lost the weight you’ve been wanting to lose for years!

You seek guidance for your workouts, but do you seeking guidance from God for your life?

God will provide step by step instructions for any plan you have in life.

You just have to seek his word and he will give you the proper steps!

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