New Year, New Goals, Same You: Your Hope For Change This Year Should Be Found In Christ

New Year, New Goals, Same You: Base Your Hope In Christ in 2019 - Romans 5:5

You started this year with goals to be and become a better YOU.

But there’s a reason there’s a stigma around New Years Resolutions…

Most don’t keep or fulfill their goals.

Life gets too hard,

You don’t have enough time,

It’s too difficult.

All excuses that people use as to why they gave up on their goals in the New Year.

But the real reason they don’t fulfill their goals is because they lose HOPE.

A goal or a plan is based on HOPE.

You HOPE that you will change and be the person you want to be.

But HOPE isn’t the problem…

HOPE is the reason you love Jesus.

You HOPE for the day where you can meet him face to face and live a life of eternal peace.

As tough as being a Christian can be, your HOPE pushes you through the tough times.

So why do you lose HOPE with goals and plans?

Because your HOPE is not found through Christ.

Base your HOPE in God and watch how he propels you to meet your goals in 2019!

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