You Don’t Need Miracle: Just Keep Focused On God

You don’t need a miracle to achieve your New Years Resolution if you stay grounded in God 1 Chronicles 16:11-12

Blessing Abraham and Sarah with a son,

Splitting The Red Sea,

Delivering Daniel from the lions’ den,

And creating you…

What do you have in common with these events?

They’re all miracles created by God!

Don’t be surprised, you are a miracle from God!

Why wouldn’t you be?

You were created in his image and he sent his son to die and give you a life of grace.

Each day you’re alive is a day God granted you life, he believes you have more to offer!

God believes in you and is invested in your success.

Your strength comes from the Lord, keep your eyes on him and he will bless you tremendously.

For God can still do miracles, as you’re a walking, talking, breathing one.

Remind yourself of all the miracles he was done and understand you serve a loving, rewarding God.

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