Why Are You Afraid When You Have God?

God Has Told You He Is With You Wherever You Go. So Why Are You Still Afraid? Joshua 1:9

2019 was the year you were going to change.

The year the old you was going to shed itself and the new you was going to blossom.

So what is stopping you?

Why are you allowing fear to stop you from becoming the best woman, daughter, sister, wife you can be?

You shouldn’t be afraid as you are a woman of God!

“For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

If you are afraid or fear stricken, you need to put your trust back into God.

For he has stated you shouldn’t be afraid as long as he is with you and he is with you wherever you go.

Trust God and don’t allow fear to stop you in 2019 as he is with you!

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