When You Need Shelter, You Can Always Find It In God

When life’s storms are too much to handle, seek shelter in the Lord! Proverbs 18:10

You hear you’re alarm, roll over to turn it off and put your feet on the floor.

You put on the appropriate attire for a morning run in January.

You walk outside and with each breathe, as the brisk morning air awakens your senses.

You start off your morning run and after a half mile it, an unexpected storm begins.

Sleet and tiny hail stones start raining down.

You need shelter!

You sprint home as you become colder and more soaked with each stride.

You finally make it home, walk inside and start stripping off the clothes that are standing between you and your warm home.

Your homes provided a safe haven from the storm.

When the storm started, you realized you needed help…

You needed shelter.

Just like the story, life can brew up unexpected storms.

Storms that may be too strong to withstand yourself.

Only when you seek God for shelter does all your issues and problems no longer effect you.

As your are sheltered from the storm.

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