How To Wait For God In A World of Instant Gratification

In A World That Is Run By Instant Gratification, You Need To Learn How To Wait With God Psalm 27:14

In 2019, waiting has almost become a thing of the past.

Social Media makes it difficult to wait.

Instant gratification has never been more readily available than it is in 2019.

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitter, Etc. all supply instant gratification.

Whether it’s a selfie while your out with your friends, a funny idea you had, or a picture of your lunch…

You post on social media and constantly go back looking through all the likes and comments you get.

It’s a rush, it’s a dopamine hit.

You’re getting attention and interacting with people like never before.

Now social media isn’t the only source of instant gratification.

Also, That six letter word with an arrow pointing from the A to the Z, is another source of instant gratification…


You can buy something from across the country and it will be on your door step with 2 days!

When you order from elsewhere and they don’t offer 2 day shipping, you hate it.

You live in a time where you can order a product or communicate with millions of people without waiting.

So when you seek God and he doesn’t give you an answer right away, you start to question him.

Remember, God may not show his will to you immediately.

It may take a few days or a few years.

But God has a specific plan for you.

It may just not be in the timeframe you want and if that’s the case, take courage in your heart and wait on the Lord.

For he will bless you, in due time!

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