Love Is Timeless: Time Seems To Stop When You Find “The One”

Jacob found “The One”, Rachel.

He was in love with Rachel and even dedicated to work for her father, Laban, for 7 years for her hand in marriage.

What was remarkable was during those seven years of service, was that he enjoyed each and every day.

Every day was another step towards having Rachel’s hand in marriage.

As those seven years seemed like days to Jacob.

His love for Rachel was all that mattered.

He found a beautiful, God fearing woman and earned her hand in marriage.

You may or may not know what it feels like to find “The One”, but if you do, take Jacob as an example of how you should love your partner.

For when you do, years will feel like days.

How do you know when you found “The One”? When you find “The One”, time will no longer matter. Genesis 29:20

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