God Can Handle Your Stubbornness, But Your Relationship Can NOT!

God Can Handle Your Burdens, He Can Handke Your Stubbornness, Much Better Than Your Relationship Can!

Every relationship has disagreements and arguments.

Each relationship is built on the foundation of sacrificing your own selfish needs and wants.

Sometimes, you pout in your selfishness and eventually become stubborn.

To the point that you are unbearable to talk and can’t reason with.

How many times have you gotten to this point of selfishness?

Instead of letting go of your selfish desires and ego could’ve negated the situation in the first place.

Stubbornness can weigh heavily on a relationship and if goes on for too long, can completely collapse the whole thing.

Next time you feel yourself becoming stubborn…


Colossians 3:14.

Instead of letting your selfishness take over it, put on love instead!

Allow love to strengthen your relationship and allow the bond it creates to be strengthened each time you choose Love over Stubbornness.


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