Love Is Like A Bandaid: Learn How To Use Love To Heal Your Hatred

Love Can Heal All Wounds. Next time your hurt, cover your wound with Love, Just like you’d cover a cut with a bandaid. Proverbs 10:12

Who hasn’t been upset with their significant other?

If you say you haven’t, you’re lying!

All jokes aside, when your significant other hurts you, your resentment opens the door for Satan to sneak in your relationship.

Sometimes that resentment turns into hatred.

That is what Satan wants…

He want to ruin your relationship which is founded upon serving and walking with God.

But next time you feel resentment, or worse, hatred start to sneak in remember love is like a band aid.

How is love like a band aid?

Well think of hate as a cut…

The more the cut is left open, the worse it gets.

But how do you allow a cut to heal?

A bandaid!

Bandaids cover up the cut and allows your cut to heal to where you no longer need the bandaid to protect your cut from the elements.

Just like a bandaid, love can cover up your resentment and hate and allow your relationship to heal properly.

So next time you are hurt by your significant other, immediately cover up your “wound” with love and allow it to heal and stop the hatred from growing!

Hold on!!!

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