Where There Is Love, Resentment Can Not Flourish

It’s Easy To Allow Your Significant Other’s Sin To Cause Hatred And Resentment. But If You Love Them, Like Christ Loves You, Hate Can Not Flourish.

As a Christian, you are supposed to love as Christ loves you.

That means you are supposed to love your significant other regardless of their past.

Where as there is a deep love for one another, there is no room for sin or resentment to flourish.

If you choose to hold grudges or don’t forgive, you leave the door open for sin and hate to trickle into your relationship.

Once you leave the door open, it’s hard to close it shut, even though it’s not impossible.

The only way for you to truly be able to have a relationship is to love the way Christ loves you and forgive.

You cherish your relationship, right?

So when hate and resentment is easy, that’s when it’s time to love deeper and stop the hate from ruining your relationship.

Christ loves you deeply, despite your past sins…

So don’t allow hate to flourish in your relationship and to out grow your love!

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