When You Love Each Other, God’s Love Will Complete Your Relationship

Your relationship is not complete without a love for God!

God calls you to love like he loves you.

Your relationship should be centered around Christ.

For he is the way and the light for you life. Which is what you should be in your relationship and your significant other to you.

When you have a love for God, he will guide your relationship.

Although God should be your first love, he wants you to seek and find love in another.

That is why he created Adam and Eve, to hold each other accountable and love each other on their walk in serving God.

Relationships can be hard, that’s a given.

Most end in break ups or divorces.

But that’s because those people don’t have love for God themselves.

As when your relationship is based in your love for God, he will love your relationship and he will bless it make you complete for your partner!

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