How To Love Like God: Learning How To Love The Way God Loves You

Learn How To Love Your Significant Other Like God Loves You...

God calls for you to love, as he loves you.

John 15:12 paints a beautiful picture of how to love, but…

How do you love like God?

Let’s dive in:

Jesus loved everyone, I mean he did die on the cross as payment for your sin so you can live an eternal life, with him, in heaven.

That is truly love but a bit extreme for relationships.

But Jesus did love his people freely, without judgement of their worthiness and/or ungratefulness.

It didn’t matter who they were or what they did in the past, Jesus loved them.

So as you too should love your partner without judgement of their past. Love them freely and without contingencies for this will allow your relationship to blossom!

Also, you should love each other without distinction.

You are not perfect and you must understand your significant others isn’t either.

You should love each other based on their heart.

If you’re loved is based upon their wealth, relationship with Christ, or their appearance, your relationship is doomed.

As you are loving them based off of distinctions that you deem worthy of you love.

You need to love each other with a pure heart and love of serving one another to live a life with Christ.

If you love each other this way, you will have a love like God has for you!

Excuse me…

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