Your Love For Christ Will Bring Your Relationship Delight!

Find Yourself A Partner That Will Love You For Your Love For God!

Find a man that loves you for your love for Christ!

Song of Solomon is a collection of poems about a woman and her love, a king.

In chapter 4:10, the woman is being talked to by the king and we can see the true love she has.

Although it seems as the king is describing her love for him, but he’s really describing her love for God which allows her to love him.

He sees her love for God, as delightful, which pleases the man that she loves god with such passion.

He then later states how her love is “more pleasing than wine.” Which allows us to see how deeply he loves her because he prefers her love than wine or worldly pleasures.

He then tells her how her love is greater than the fragrance of her perfume. Which may not seem that important but if you look at Song of Solomon 1:3, you will understand the power of this statement.

In Song of Solomon 1:3, the woman tells the man how she loves his fragrance and can see how other woman do as well.

So he basically tells her that what she’s loves about his fragrance, he loves about her fragrance, but loves her love for God more.

This verse truly shows how lovely a Christian man’s love can be if his loves is based upon your love for Christ.

As a true Christian man would want you to put your love for God before your love for him.

For when this happens, your man or future man will love you greater for loving God the most.

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