To Understand Love, You Must Understand This One Thing

1 Minute Daily Devotion: To Understand Love, You Must Understand How To Love and God Can Show You How.

Everyone at some point has told someone they love them, but not everyone knows what true love is.

As ONLY those that know God can understand what love is.

How can this be?

Well, without knowing the love that God has for you, you can not grasp what love is.

God created you and your significant other, in his image.

He sent his only begotten son to die as a sacrifice so you can avoid eternal suffering.

God is the greatest example of love because he is love.

He has set a place for you in heaven by sending his son to die for you and never holds your past sins against you.

He is your light, provider and protector.

He is everything you will ever need.

Sounds a lot like a perfect relationship doesn’t it?

Well you can not have a perfect relationship when God is absent from your life.

As you will not have an example to follow on what love is.

You may know the dictionary definition of love and say the words, “I love you”, but without following God’s example of love, you will never truly understand the power of love.

Wait just a second…

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