Call Upon The Lord and He Will Save You From All Your Troubles

Throughout your life, you will have many troubles. But if you call upon God for help, he will show you his strength!

What troubles you?

Are you tempted?

Are you grieving?

Do you find yourself committing the same sin over and over again?

Whatever it is that troubles you, seek the Lord and he can and he will deliver you.

There’s nothing the Lord can’t save you from as he can free you from ALL your troubles.

All you have to do is call out to him in prayer.

Most people are worried about asking God for help with specific problems.

But that’s why God is amazing.

He doesn’t want you to struggle or experience pain.

He wants you to live a life free of worry.

No amount or severity of your afflictions is too much for God to handle.

Just call upon God to forgive and save you from whatever is troubling you and he will show you his strength!

Wait just a minute!

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