Why Are You Afraid To Ask God For Help?

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask God For Help and Here’s Why...

Have you ever been afraid or ashamed to ask God for help?

Sometimes you feel like what you want to ask him is too much or selfish.

But with God, as long as you ask him, in accordance to his will, he WILL hear you!

As a Christian, God’s Will is for you to love others like he loves you and to repent of your sins.

As along as you pray with those in mind, he will hear you.

There’s no need to lack confidence when asking God for help as long as you abide by his will and ask for help in a loving manner.

So next time you need to ask God for help, as long as you are asking with love in your heart and repentance of your sin, ask with Confidence…

For God will hear you as you ask for his help while following his will!

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