What Will You Give Up To Live For Jesus?

When you ask for Jesus’ forgiveness and ask him to save you from a life of eternal suffering, you become new.

When you become new, the old you is gone and all your desires and plans to follow Jesus.

In Luke 9:23, Jesus tells his disciples that if they want to follow him, they would have to carry their cross, which means to put old desires to death and follow him.

You have had to give up somethings like going to church instead of Sunday brunch.

You may have put to death more minor or serious “crosses”.

But what it’s worth, getting rid of your selfish desires and plans to live a life for Jesus will be rewarded for eternity.

So if you’re struggling with putting aside your desires, plans, habits etc., ask your self…

“What should I give up today, to live forever in peace with Jesus?”

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