Where Do You Look For Guidance When Life Gets Too Difficult?

When Life Has Become Too Difficult, Where Do You Seek Guidance From?

When you feel like this life has you completely lost, where do you look for guidance?

For some, it’s in other people,

For others, it’s drugs and alcohol,

For most, it’s a therapist and medication.

But what if I were to tell you these are false guides to dealing with your difficulties of life?

As a Christian, you know that indulging in drugs and alcohol are sinful.

You know a therapist can help, but they truly don’t know who YOU are.

But do you know, who knows you better than you know yourself?


Not your parents…

I’m talking about God!

You were made in his image and he knows every thing you’ve done and will do.

So why aren’t you seeking him for guidance?

His word is filled with guidance and will help you along the way, like a lamp to a lost hiker at night.

Don’t get distracted by worldly remedies for life’s difficult times.

Instead, seek God and his word and he will take your hand and walk you through life’s difficult times.

Don’t go anywhere!

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