Follow These Two Commands to Reap The Rewards of God’s Will For You

In Order To Receive God’s Reward For Following His Will, You Must Do These Two Things.

Living in accordance to God’s Will for your life can be trying.

There will be times that his will makes no sense,

There will be times you will feel like he’s not answering your prayer,

And there will be times his will may seem too difficult.

But on the other side of your trials are your rewards for following God’s path for you.

What are those rewards?

A life full of abundance and eternal peace once you leave this world.

But how do you get through the rough times living in accordance to God’s Will?

Patience and Perseverance

Be patient as God’s Will takes time to come to fruition and hold on to your faith persevere through your trials.

Understand this…

Though times may seem unbearable and you may feel that God has abandoned you, but if your patient and can withstand the trials he gives you, you will reap the rewards of God’s Will for you!

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