When No One Else Will Forgive You, Christ Will!

Do You Feel Unforgivable? If So, There Will Be One Person That Will ALWAYS Forgive You...

When you do something that hurts someone, the right thing to do is seek forgiveness.

But what if that person chooses to not forgive you?

Well unfortunately, they may never forgive you.

They may feel that what you did can not be forgiven and that your apology is insincere.

But, you don’t have to carry the guilt of being unforgiven as long as you seek forgiveness from God.

No matter the severity of the sin you confess to him, he will forgive you.

God is faithful and just and will forgive you for your wrongs and take the burden of what you’ve done off of your shoulders.

So the next time you seek forgiveness, remember that you will always be forgiven by God, even if others will not forgive you!

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