Why Are You Allowing Fear To Hinder Your Relationship?

You Can Not Truly Love When You’re Afraid if Losing It

Majority of relationships are built around the fear of losing it.

Do you fear he thinks you’re not beautiful anymore or that he’s going to find someone else?

If you have these fears, you don’t have a relationship built around love.

You may love him but you don’t truly love him because love is fearless.

You fear that you will be punished by him for not wanting to be with you.

However, if your relationship was founded in true love, you wouldn’t have any fear of being punished.


Because true loves drives away fear and will create confidence that your relationship will last until death due you apart.

It’s the same with your relationship with God.

Those that fear death, fear being punished to an eternity of damnation and suffering.

Those that love God, don’t fear being punished because they have confidence in the fact that once they leave this world, they will live in an eternity of peace with God.

In order for your relationship to grow and prosper, you need love and cast away fear.

Fear is holding your relationship hostage and it will never be able to prosper!

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