Are Your Eating Habits Glorying God?

When You Are Having A Bad Day, Do You Find Comfort In God or In Food?

What did Paul mean when he wrote that eating and drinking should glorify God.

What Paul is talking about is eating or drinking for selfish or sinful reasons.

Binge eating is the main aspect that doesn’t please God.


Because gluttony is selfish in nature and is the worship of food.

If you don’t know what gluttony is, it is the act of excessive eating.

When someone is gluttonous, they eat for comfort and self-love.

They become addicted to eating for comfort and find it in eating nonstop.

Don’t worry, you can still enjoy Five Guys and indulge in some Ben n Jerry’s.

But it becomes gluttonous when you the food you eat has power over you.

When you can’t stop eating because it’s the only thing that you find comfort in when you’re supposed to be finding comfort in God.

You replace finding solstice and comfort in God, to finding it in food.

So the next time you have a bad day or are struggling and find yourself looking in the fridge or in line at the drive-thru, ask yourself this question:

Am I eating because I’m hungry or am I eating for comfort?

If you’re eating to find comfort, you need to shit your focus on God and your eating habits will glorify God By doing so.

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