What Does God Expect You To Do While You Are Single?

Your Time Being Single Will Not Last Forever, So What Should You Do While You Are?

Being single is a gift from God.

Most don’t view it this way, as most view it as a time of pain and loneliness waiting for Mr. Right.

But you should not have this view.

Understand that your time being single should be spent growing closer to God.

You should be concerned with nothing other than learning God’s Will and making sure you gain an understanding for it.

Although times it may be hard to find joy and understanding in your singleness, especially around Valentines Day, know that God has great and wonderful things in store for you.

Once you gain understanding and become closer to God, you will see all the plans and deeds he has in store for you.

So next time you experience sadness or anxiousness regarding your time being single, this is the time that you should spend getting closer to God and becoming more Christ like!

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