Why Having Christian Friends Is Important To Your Faith

Having Non-Christian Friends Is Not A Sin, But They Can Lead You Towards A Life of Sin

As a Christian, God tells us to love everyone and as a Christian you will have friends that don’t follow God.

It’s not a bad thing to have non-Christian friends as you can possibly lead them to Christ.

But having non-Christian friends can lead to foolish decisions.

As those who aren’t followers of Christ don’t hold the same values and beliefs as you.

So what they may deem as right or wrong can strongly dictate what you, a follow of Christ, dictates what’s right or wrong.

That’s why in Proverbs 13:20, Solomon wrote that:

“A companion of fools suffers harm.”

But if you:

“Walk with the wise, you become wise.”

So having a core group of Christian friends can help your grow in your faith, uplift you when you’re struggling and will hold you accountable in the name of God.

Christian friends will help you become a wiser Christian where non-believers may lead you astray on your path with God.

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