How Having A Pure Heart Will Bring Peace To Your Life

Only The Pure of Heart Will See God. Will You Be One of Them?

A heart that is pure is cleaned white by the grace of God and lives with sincerity.

So that’s what a pure heart is, what is a heart that’s not pure look like?

It’s black from sin and is a heart that beats with selfish desire. It’s the heart of someone that lies, cheats, and hurts others for personal gain.

As Matthew said in chapter 5, verse 8, the only people that will see God are people with pure hearts.

Let’s break down the aspects of a pure heart…

– Cleaned By The Grace of God

A pure heart is cleaned by the grace of God from the blood that was spilled by Jesus Christ.

When you recognize Jesus as you Lord and savior and repent of your sins, your heart is wiped clean from past sin and is made new.

– Sincerity

A pure heart lives with sincerity because their words and actions are kind and selfless.

There isn’t an shady reasoning behind what they do as they are children of God and embody Christ with their words and actions.

Someone with a pure heart is on a one way path to eternal peace with God and lives their life in accordance to his word.

They are on the path to eternal peace!

Are you on the path to eternal peace by living with a pure heart?

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