Will You Be Ready To Protect Your Faith When It’s Under Attack?

When Your Faith Is Under Attack, Are You Strong Enough To Win The Battle?

Every single day, evil and sin are lurking around.

From the time you wake up and go to bed you must stand guard to protect your heart and mind.

In order to withstand the worldly pressures and temptations, you must have:

1. Faith

2. Courage

3. Strength

You must have Faith because without God, nothing is possible and he will be your anchor when dealing with temptation.

When you are dealing with temptations, seek God in his word and by prayer to build a foundation for your faith that will allow you to have courage.

Courage will allow you to stand up and declare your love for God and his will for you.

When most people will fold to the pressure of temptation and sin, courage will hold you up and strengthen your convictions.

Finally, strength will allow you to withstand the storm.

Your faith and courage will develop strong roots like a tree.

These strong roots will allow you to withstand the storm and not fall to the pressures of the storm of temptations and sin.

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