There Is More Beauty To A Rainbow, Than Meets The Eye

The Reason Why God Gave Us Rainbows Is More Beautiful Than A Rainbow Itself

Everyone loves to see a rainbow piercing though the clouds after a rain shower.

People will pull over on the side of the freeway just to snap a picture for Instagram.

Some even will “chase” a rainbow in hopes of finding a pot of gold on either side of one.

But what makes a rainbow so beautiful, is more than its vibrant colors…

It’s the reason why God gave us a rainbow.

When God, told Noah to build an ark, take two of every animal and sail for forty days and forty nights, he punished the world.

The world was full of sin and temptation.

It had become too ugly for God.

After the waters settled and the flood was no more, Noah, his family and all the animals set foot on the new earth.

As a promise to never flood the world and wipe out mankind again, God created a rainbow as a token of his mercy.

He graced us with a beautiful sight to show us that he would no longer take out his wrath upon us.

The next time you see a rainbow and bask in it’s beauty, remember that God sees you as beautiful and the rainbow signifies his love for you and all mankind!

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