Are Your Eating Habits Causing Your Temple To Crumble?

God Gave You Your Body To Be A Temple For The Holy Spirit. Are Your Eating Habits Honoring His Gift To You?

Eating a healthy diet has almost become taboo in today’s society…

And so has God.

That’s why people are gluttonous, consuming individuals idolizing their food and themselves.

Eating unhealthy is a selfish act that is sinful to God.

How can it be sinful?

Well God created your body to be a temple for him and the Holy Spirit.

When someone eats uncontrollably, making their body obese, their bodily functions begin to decay.

That’s why obesity leads to multiple health issues that cut a person’s life expectancy short.

These people don’t realize that their body is a gift from God.

A gift that is supposed to be used to spread his word and live a life that is pleasing to him.

Overeating and gluttonous eating habits do not honor God.

That’s why in 1 Corinthians, it states that you are to honor God with your body, as it is a temple for the Holy Spirit.

Creating a body that isn’t respectful to God and the Holy Spirit is a sin.

Sure, indulging in wonderful food, every once in awhile is not bad, but when it become a daily habit, like any other unhealthy habit…

You are not honoring God and the Holy Spirit by allowing your body, your temple, to decay from the insides.

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