Why Nothing Good Comes From Gossip

There Is Nothing Good That Comes From Gossip, So Why Participate?

Society is run by gossip.

There’s channels like, E! News, dedicated to the latest and hugest celebrity gossip.

Shows like TMZ, are dedicated to covering, investigating and finding the best gossip for clicks and likes.

Social Media has trending topics and hashtags so everyone can see what everyone is talking about.

Gossip is all around us!

Now not all gossip is bad…

Most of it is pointless…

But whatever severity of gossip there is, it’s unwholesome to the Lord.

He views gossip as a sin because it’s speaking ill about someone or someone’s life that isn’t helpful.

Unless the words coming out of your mouth are going to help someone, why speak?

Why tear someone down when you can build them up?

Tearing someone down with gossip is not what Christ would do. He would speak to help build them up, teach them and provide wisdom.

The gossip you partake, nothing good will come out of it….

So why are you doing the opposite with your words?

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