Why Was It Necessary For Jesus To Die & Rise Again?

If you’re a Christian and don’t know why Jesus died on the cross for your sins, that’s very concerning.

Because in order for you to seek God’s forgiveness and to free you from your sin, you’d have to know that Jesus died on the cross for your salvation.

But what doesn’t get understood is why it was necessary for Jesus to die to save us and to rise again three days later…

By dying on the cross, he paid the debt of your sins with his blood.

Like credit debt, if you pay the exact amount of what you owe, you are no longer in debt.

Well Jesus wiped your sinful debt with God clean by the payment of his blood.

But in order for him to prove that his blood was the payment of your sin, he had to prove he was true to his word.

Just like he said in (John 2:18-22), Jesus rose from the dead to prove he was who he said he was…

The Messiah!

When he rose again, he proved to everyone that he was God.

This allowed people to truly believe in him, repent of their sins and to spread his name for everyone to know!

It was necessary!

Jesus needed to die on the cross so his blood could pay off your sins and raise to three days later, to prove he was God and our savior so he could save YOU!

Where are you going?

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