Jesus Saved You From The Curse of Adam’s Sin

Without Jesus, You Would Be Held Cursed From Adam’s Sin, Here’s Why...

Adam really screwed us over!

He was created in God’s image to care for The Garden of Eden.

He was given company, such as animals and birds.

He was then given a helper, Eve, from his own flesh.

The ONE and ONLY rule Adam and Eve has to follow was to not eat from the Tree of Knowledge.

But when Eve ate from that tree and gave Adam some, we were doomed for eternal suffering.

That is why God sent Jesus to save your from your sins.

His death bought you your freedom from Adam’s costly mistake and in his resurrection, you were given life.

You see because of Adam and Eve’s sin in disobeying God, you were set up to live a life of hell.

Jesus died knowing that the only way to free you from those shackles and to give you eternal life was to shed his blood for you and rise again to prove his word was the truth.

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