Don’t Give Up: God Will Never Give You A Trial You Can’t Handle

When God’s Trials Seem To Difficult To Overcome, Remember That The Reward He Has In Store For You Will Be Worth It.

When God’s Trials Seem To Difficult To Overcome, Remember That The Reward He Has In Store For You Will Be Worth It.

Many Christians face the temptation of giving up on their faith.

Sometimes things aren’t working out,

You may feel that God has abandoned you,

You may feel God has given you a trial to big to conquer,

You may feel tempted to dwell in worldly sin,

But God tells you to NOT GIVE UP!

Living a life for God is never easy. God sets trials upon your path of all different kinds.

Some trial are minor. They are easy to overcome as you believe your faith in God is strong. You have all the biblical answers, reach out to God for help and you easily conquer it.

But what about the major trials?

Trials like dealing with the loss of a loved one, getting dumped or losing your job.

Trials like these are when your faith truly is tested.

Major trials are usually life altering and can cause the strongest of faiths to become weak.

With these trials, it may seem like you can’t find an answer in the Bible.

It may seem like your prayers aren’t reaching God.

It may seem like you will never overcome the severity of your trial.

But this is when you must double down on your faith because faith is what will help you overcome major trials.

As impossible it may seem to overcome a major trial, God will never give you more than you can handle.

You just have to work extra hard to strengthen your faith!

You must seek out all resources for strength, encouragement and understanding.

A few ways that can help you overcome your trials are:

– Visiting with your pastor

– Seeking understanding from your elders

– Confiding in your Christian peers

– Getting a specific book or bible study on your you’re struggling with

Use these resources to fix and strengthen you faith in God because it’s not worth giving up.

For if you overcome your trials, God will reward you for your hard work and dedication.

It will strengthen your faith and love for God and will allow you to become stronger for the next trial God placed on your path!

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