Strong Women Need Help Too

You Are A Strong Christian Woman, But There Are Days That You Aren’t Strong Enough

Each and everyday, you have work that needs to be done.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, career driven or studying for your degree, there’s work that needs to be done.

Each day you have a plan and execute that plan to complete your tasks for the day.

Some days may be more difficult that others, but you get it done regardless.

But what about the days that you can’t seem to find the strength or the energy to get what needs to be done, done?

Well if you were in God’s word, each morning, you would have that extra strength!

Spending time in God’s word and talking to God is the foundation of a great day.

You will have insight, wisdom and knowledge to conquer your day.

As each day you work vigorously, you become stronger.

But each day you work vigorously and have that extra push from God, well you become even STRONGER!

You are a strong Christian woman but don’t forget that God will give you extra strength to push through and complete your work for the day!

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