Are You Preparing To Be The Helper Your Future Husband Will Need?

Your Future Husband Will Need Your Help. Are You Preparing To Be The Helper God Intended You To Be For Him?

Your future husband will need help with keeping a home, possibly with making money, raising a family and growing in his faith…

Are you preparing to be the helper he needs?

When God created Adam to watch over and care for the Garden of Eden, he realized it was not good for Adam to be alone.

So God created all the animals and birds to be of help to Adam.

But then God realized animals weren’t enough.

So he put Adam under a deep sleep, took one of his ribs and created Eve.

As God saw that Eve, a woman, would be a suitable helper for Adam.

Now you know Eve didn’t help Adam by giving him a bite of fruit from the Tree of Good & Evil.

Woman are pretty good at persuading lol.

But Eve was created to be a helper to Adam in all walks of life, just like you should be for your future husband.

Ideally, as a Christian woman, you will be all the support your husband needs.

You will help him:

– Make money, if there’s a need too

– Make your home comfortable and warm

– Raise your children

– Support him through trying times

– Smile through hardships

– Laugh When Life is comical

– Grow his faith in his walk with God

You will be your husbands support system and allow him to be the leader, of your home, that he needs to be.

Are you preparing yourself to be the helper God intended you to be?

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