What Do You And Jesus Have In Common?

You And Jesus Have Something In Common. Do You Know What It Is?

So what do you and Jesus have in common?

No, you aren’t the direct son or daughter of God.

No, you aren’t the Messiah.

No, you can’t walk on water.

No, you can’t heal a leper.

But what you do have in common with Jesus is far greater than any of the before mentioned things.

What you have in common with Jesus is that the same spirit that raised him up from the dead…


No, you won’t come back from the dead and walk the earth again.

But you will be raised from the death of your mortal body and walk with God and Jesus in heaven!

That is why the resurrection is meaningful to Christians around the world.

Because Jesus rose again, it showed all nations that:

Whoever believes in God,

Repents of their sin,

And walks a life in accordance to God’s word,

You will have the spirit of God to awaken you, from your mortal death, and walk FOREVER with God in heaven!

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