Are You Lusting For Attention On Social Media?

When You Post On Social Media, Do You Post To Seek Attention?

What does your social media accounts say about you?

If you go on Instagram and scroll through your feed, what do you see?

Go to the Discover tab and what do you see?

You will see people doing all kinds of things, but why?

For one reason only…


You see, people are naturally attention seekers and social media amplifies it.

That’s why you’ll see people do:

– Challenges

– Twerk Videos

– Endless amounts of selfies

– Etc

They do so to seek attention.

Now as Christian, you must recognized that seeking attention is lustful.

You can easily throw away your character and faith just for views and likes if you don’t understand this.

The use of social media has created a lustful society, seeking attention.

The next time you post, ask yourself why you are posting.

Most likely it’s because you seek attention and will be constantly checking your notifications to see who’s attention you’ve acquired.

Don’t become lost in the endless cycle of selfishness and lust of social media.

When you need attention, seek it from the Lord as other forms are lustful and ultimately, sinful.

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