Why Are You Crying When Jesus Gave Life After Death

Death Can Be A Time Of Sadness, But Not For Follower’s Of Christ Because He Gave Life After Death

Have you ever been to a funeral?

People gather to mourn the loss of a loved one.

They are filled with tears, sadness and regret as those attending focus on their selfish reasons to be sad.

Usually it’s because they will miss the person who has died and they will now have a major void in their life.

However, if you’re attending a funeral of a Christian, it shouldn’t be a time of sadness…

It should be a time of rejoicing!


Because when Jesus died upon the cross and rose again, he put an END TO DEATH.

As death no longer has power over those who follow and commit their lives to God.

You see Christ paid the ultimate price and granted eternal life after your mortal death.

For when a Christian leaves this world, they are no longer in pain.

They no longer have to suffer as they are at peace with their Lord and Savior.

The only reason you may cry is because of selfish reasoning.

But instead of crying at a funeral, you should rejoice in the fact that they are home FOREVER!

As when Christ died to give you and every Christian eternal life, he took away all reasons to be sad and cry.

So the next time you’re at a funeral or go to your first funeral, don’t cry…

Rejoice in the fact that death no longer has victory over you and whoever’s funeral you are attending!

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