Forgive Others The Way God Forgives You

God Forgives You Of EVERY Sin, So Why Can’t You Forgive Others?

You hold Grudges because you’re selfish.

It’s plain and simple.

If you don’t understand why holding grudges is selfish, let’s dive a little deeper.

When someone wrongs you in any way, shape or form, you have two options:

1. Forgive

2. Hold A Grudge

That’s it!

When you hold a grudge, you allow a person’s words or actions to take up real estate in your mind.

You will constantly think about how that person wronged you and how you you can respond.

It’s a vicious cycle because you truly DON’T know the person’s intent on why they did what they did.

The only way to break this endless cycle is to…


You owe it to yourself and the person who wronged you to forgive them.

I mean, God sent Jesus to forgive ALL your sins, while knowing every sin you would commit.

You will continue to seek God’s forgiveness your whole life, yet he will give it graciously.

He doesn’t fault you or hold grudges because he knows that you are human and humans have emotions that cause them to lash out.

But why would God forgive your sins if you choose to not forgive sins committed against you by others?

He doesn’t hold grudges and neither should you.

If you can’t forgive others the way God forgives you, he may stop forgiving you of the sins YOU committed.

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