You Will Live Forever With God

Eventually you will take your last breath, but with Christ, you can live FOREVER!

The end of your life, is just the beginning.

Christians have a tendency to truly not understand the magnitude of what awaits for them after they take their last breath.

Do you understand what is in store for you once you die a mortal death?

Your past, current and future sufferings mean nothing because of the glory that awaits for you when you die.

You will no longer having to worry about feeling pain, depressed, embarrassed or lonely.


Because when God brought Jesus back to life, from his mortal death, he showed you what he plans to do to you when you die.

Just like Jesus, God will raise you from dead and welcome you with open arms and a home for ETERNITY!

You get all this, thanks to Jesus sacrificing his life for you and EVERY Christian around the world.

This world is temporary, for those that repent and believe in Christ.

For you don’t truly die, matter of fact…

You get to live…


God says that you should be in his word,

Day & Night.

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