There’s Life After Death

Do You Fear Death? If You Said, Yes, Then You Need To Know How Jesus Can Give You Life After Death

Have you gotten the picture yet?

Easter is next month.

It’s the celebration of life created by death.

*When Jesus died, he gave you and everyone else the opportunity to have life after death.

He shed his blood as payment for your sins, granting you the opportunity to live forever.

But that gift he gave you isn’t FREE.

You can’t live a life rules by society’s rules as they are selfish and sinful.

The only way to be able to receive God’s gift of life after death is to…

Believe In Him

In order to believe in him, you must seek forgiveness of your sins.

Once you acknowledge that Jesus is the Lord and Savior, you will be wiped a clean slate.

But that’s not all folks…

Just because your slate is clean doesn’t mean you get to go back to a life of sin!

You have to live a life for God.

You must study his word, talk with him daily and pursue him your whole life!

Those who do so will,


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